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Service and Repairs

If you have any questions about a specific service or repair you need completed, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Stringed Instrument Services

RESTRING – Includes light cleaning, fretboard oil as needed
Acoustic, Standard Electric, Bass Guitar – $5.00
Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo – $8.00
Floating Trem Electric, 12-string – $10.00

SETUP -includes string change, light cleaning, fretboard oil as needed, neck adjustment, intonation adjustment, string height adjustment (**NOTE: Additional charge may apply to lower saddles on acoustic instruments**)
Acoustic, Standard Electric, Bass guitar, mandolin, Banjo – $20.00
Floating Trem Electric, 12-string – $40.00


Component Replacement – Priced for single component, not including part cost
Solidbody Electric – $10.00
Hollowbody Electric – $20.00
Misc. Joints (microphones, speaker cabs,etc) – $10.00

Full Rewire – Includes cost of cleaning, new cloth wire. does not include part cost
3-pickup Solidbody Electric – $60.00
2 or 1-pickup Solidody Electric – $50.00
Hollowbody Electric – $100.00IMG_20160831_182226

String Instrument Repair

Here at Selner Bros. Music, we offer an extensive amount of repair services. In addition, we work with a short list of excellent and experienced local luthiers for serious repair-work.

Brass & Woodwind Services & Repair

We work with an excellent local service technician to replace new pads, remove dents, adjust action, and keep your horn in top playing condition. Prices quoted on case-by-case basis.