Service and Repairs

If you have any questions about a specific service or repair you need completed, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Stringed Instrument Services

RESTRING – Includes light cleaning, fretboard oil as needed
Acoustic, Standard Electric, Bass Guitar – $5.00
Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo – $8.00
Floating Trem Electric, 12-string – $10.00

SETUP -includes string change, light cleaning, fretboard oil as needed, neck adjustment, intonation adjustment, string height adjustment (**NOTE: Additional charge may apply to lower saddles on acoustic instruments**)
Acoustic, Standard Electric, Bass guitar, mandolin, Banjo – $30.00
Floating Trem Electric, 12-string – $50.00


Component Replacement – Priced for single component, not including part cost
Solidbody Electric – $10.00
Hollowbody Electric – $20.00
Misc. Joints (microphones, speaker cabs,etc) – $10.00

Full Rewire – Includes cost of cleaning, new cloth wire. does not include part cost
3-pickup Solidbody Electric – $60.00
2 or 1-pickup Solidody Electric – $50.00
Hollowbody Electric – $100.00IMG_20160831_182226

String Instrument Repair

Here at Selner Bros. Music, we offer an extensive amount of repair services. In addition, we work with a short list of excellent and experienced local luthiers for serious repair-work.

Brass & Woodwind Services & Repair

For valve and slide brass instruments, Selner Bros. Music proudly partners with Oshnock Brass Shop here in Kalamazoo, Michigan! As their official service desk, you can contact us with questions, or drop your horn at your convenience for all of your service needs, including (but not limited to):

  • Bell and dent alignment
  • Dent repair
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Acid bath
  • Stuck mouthpiece removal
  • Slide & valve removal
  • Total Overhaul
  • Valve rebuild
  • Silver plating (500$)
  • Part replacement
  • Solder repair

For woodwinds, we work with an excellent local service technician to replace new pads, remove dents, adjust action, and keep your horn in top playing condition. Prices quoted on case-by-case basis.