Marshall DSL5C

Marshall amplifiers are the sound for a lot of types of music. They are usually also very large and loud amplifiers. Enter: the DSL5C.

This Marshall is a simple valve amplifier that runs at 5 watts or 1, selectable on the back of the amplifier, making it an awesome amp for studio work, small gigs, or bedroom practice. the 10″ speaker sounds surprisingly big, with a dark sound accented by some high color.

This is a true DSL amplifier, with the ‘Classic’ and ‘Ultra’ channels sporting independent volume and gain controls. There is a standard T/M/B stack that affects both channels, with ‘Tone Shift’ and ‘Deep’ controls that add heft to the sound.

Rounding out the features are on-board digital reverb, an FX loop, audio in and emulated out, making this a versatile tool for play and practice alike.

ASKING: $300.00 – Make An Offer