Yamaha Pacifica 012 – SOLD

Yamaha makes everything from jet skis to motorcycles to saxophones, and are a name for quality in in all of them. This entry-level guitar is no exception.

Essentially a strat-copy with a humbucker in the back, the controls are relatively standard – volume, tone and a 5-way switch. All of the equipment, while original, is of pretty good quality. The neck is slim and wide with a 25 1/2″ scale, and feels fast and comfortable. The strings feed in to a fulcrum tremolo bridge.

This instrument is in very good condition for being a used and entry-level instrument, and aside from some scuffing on the back of the lower horn and the bottom of the instrument, the black gloss finish showing very little wear. All in all this is an excellent player with a reputable name on the headstock.

ASKING: $165.00 – Make An Offer