Harmony Archtone 1215 Tenor – SOLD

Harmony is a well-known Chicago manufacturer of instruments that range from bottom-of-the-barrel to pretty-darn-good. The ones that play, tend to play very well.

This archtop tenor is one of the well-played, well-playing types. It looks to be a late ’50s build. The sound is big and warm for its class, and the neck is straight and comfortable.

The tobacco sunburst is handsome and the mock-binding is well-worn but good-looking on the top and back.. There is some cracking from the F-holes but it is not structural and seems to be done.

The tuners are original and fully functional, and at some point a strap button was added to the heel of the neck. The bridge is floating and adjustable, making for easy setup and intonation, and the tailpiece is plain and standard for a guitar of this era.