Selmer USA Grenadilla Clarinet – SOLD

Selmer has been manufacturing instruments in the United States for over 50 years, usually slanted towards the student band market. Their clarinets have been a staple of beginner-intermediate players, offering excellent value ad a relatively inexpensive price-point.

This 100 is made of Grenadilla wood and features Boehm-system keywork. All of the rods are straight and springs are well-aligned, with good action. There has been some discoloration to the key finish but this is cosmetic and in no way inhibits play of the instrument.

The mouthpiece is plastic Bundy model and is coupled with an AmPlate style ligature. The pads are serviceable, and while a few could be replaced, all tone holes seal well. Overall the instrument is in good playing condition in a well-used, molded plastic case.

ASKING: $175.00 – Make an offer