Taylor GS Mini Left-Handed

Taylor is well-known for their excellent instruments, and the GS Mini is no exception.

Sides and back are made of composite sapele wood, offering an excellent balance point between durability, affordability, and resonance. The top of this particular instrument is solid mahogany, and the entire instrument is finished in an attractive nut-brown stain. Additionally, the back is arched gently to produce more volume and presence.

23-1/2″ scale length makes this a relatively short but still completely playable instrument, especially considering the 14th fret neck-joint. The nut and saddle are made of Taylor’s NuBone, and with the tourtoise-shell pickguard, ebony saddle and finger-board tying everything together, this is quite a handsome travel guitar indeed!

There is some minor white marking on the back of the instrument that did not come off with a regular cleaning, as well as a slight discoloration on the fingerboard between the fourth and fifth frets, but this is purely aesthetic marking.

Included is the original Taylor GS Mini bag.

ASKING: $400.00 – Make An Offer