Peavey PV 2.6 C Power Amp

Peavey equipment – particularly their vintage PA equipment – is well-known to basically last forever. Well this, is that.

This unassuming rackmount affair puts out 130 watts of stereo power. the A and B outputs are independently attenable via pots on the rear of the unit. Also included is Peavey’s trademarked DDT system which actively detects clipping and automatically attenuates gain in order to eliminate distortion in the output signal.

The construction of this is, well, Peavey-level sturdy. Heavy-duty steel chassis holds in the guts, with thick rubber feet for desktop use and thick metal wings for use in a rack. The heat-sinking system is old-fashined and beautiful milled aluminum.

This bad dad can run down to 4ohms, making it a fine option for a small PA, a bass rig, or additional power for an existing setup.

ASKING: $150.00 – Make An Offer