1970 Fender Mustang ‘Competition Colors’ – SOLD

Fender has been manufacturing ‘offset’ instruments since the ’60s in a multitude of sizes and configurations. A few, including the Duo-Sonic, Mustang, and Musicmaster, were designed to be friendly to smaller players. This instrument is an excellent example of that design ideal.

The neck on this Mustang is an excellent player, and scaled to a 3/4 size compared to a standard Fender neck. The body, likewise, is small and contoured for comfort and ease of play.

The controls on the Mustang are an interesting setup. Standard volume and tone pots sit where you would expect them to be on a Fender, with the addition of to sliding switches above the pickups. These switches change each pickup’s polarity or shift the pickup off entirely, allowing you to run the instrument in-phase, out-of-phase (which also cancels single-coil hum), or just one pup at a time.

All components, nobs, and parts are original except for upgraded (but still period) tuning machines from a ’70s Stratocaster. The paint is original and sports the ‘competition colors’ racing stripe on the top of the lower bout.

This fine little player also has it’s whammy bar, as well as the original case – though it has been painted black. All electronics work as they should, all parts move freely.