’70s MIJ Crestwood Model 2047 (335 Copy) – SOLD

In the late ’60s, or so the story goes, a slew of Japanese businessmen took vacations in the U.S. and toured a number of American guitar factories, their camera shutters flying all the while. A few years later, to the chagrin of all involved, the market became flooded with high-quality low-cost copies of everything from Gibson, Fender, Martin, you name it. These animals became known as ‘lawsuit guitars’ as the U.S. corps began suing these companies (many out of business). The Crestwood line is one such example of just this.

This Crestwood is in excellent shape, of which it borrows from Gibson / Epiphone. The Semi-hollow 335 shape is solid and sports binding on the top, back and f-holes. The color on this instrument is very interesting – the top and back are a blue-black color, but the sides are actually a dark, translucent burgandy.

The pickups on this guitar are very Japanese in aesthetic, with standard round pole-pieces as well as square slugs for the humbuckers. Controls are standard Gibson-style with two volumes, two tones, and a 3-way switch on the lower horn. The strings run over an adjustable roller-bridge and in to a sprung tremolo that is currently missing the spring and handle. The pickguard is 3-ply and intact. The neck is bound and sports a rosewood fingerborad and bolts on to the body. The tuning machines are very good, heavy, Japanese-made equipment, and are affixed to a spitting image of the ’70s Gibson headstock – mustache and all!

Tonally this instrument sounds warm and creamy. The neck feels great and the action is excellent. With a bit of hunting it would be very easy to get the trem working again, but it functions just fine as-is. There is some buckle-rash on the back of the instrument, but otherwise it looks great, feels awesome and sounds beautiful.

ASKING: $400.00 – Make An Offer