Selmer Soloist Composite Bb Clarinet – SOLD

As is common with horn manufacturers, Selmer used the name ‘soloist’ for a number of different instruments and lines at a number of different price and quality points over its long history. The clarinets made under this moniker within the last decade are fortunately of quite good quality, and this specimen is a great example.

The body is composite with a slight wood-grain mold, but the modern composite material that Selmer uses gives the player a very warm and pleasant tone with the benefit of not having to worry about the body cracking when it comes in from the cold. Each joint has a nickel beauty ring, and so does the rim of the bell, giving the instrument a very classic look.

The corks on this particular instrument are in very good shape and all of the joints are very snug but not too hard to seat, and the nickel keywork is in fine working order. The pads show little wear, and everything blows free and easy, making this an excellent choice for a player that wants to get back in after some time off, or a student that ranges from ‘just starting’ to ‘been playing for a while but my horn is junk’.

The stock Selmer mouthpiece was broken and so has been discarded, but has been replaced by a Premiere by Hite hard rubber one, which in all regards is a big step up.