TeleStar Japanese Archtop Bass – SOLD

The world of Japanese electric instruments from the 60s is wild and exciting. All manor of styles, electronics configurations, and string counts are represented over a huge stable of brand names and badges. In the shop we have a wonderful example of an MIJ Bass from that era: The TeleStar

This animal is a double-Florentine thin-line electric archtop, and it is awesome. The neck sports a ‘Lawsuit’ Gibson headstock and is beefy but not bulky, while the body rests comfortably under your arm despite its considerable width at the lower bout. the pickups are fat and rich sounding, and it sports a finger and thumb rest from the factory (a third thumb-rest was crafted to match and added aftermarket). This beauty has also been freshly refretted by KalTone here in town, so the action and feel is phenomenal.

A clean and classy control plate, clean and understated tailpiece, and tobacco sunburst finish make this a clean looker that can pump fat round lows for days and days. A floating wooden bridge is currently installed, but the original threaded bridge is included. It’s also got a nice hardshell case, so you don’t have to be afraid to take ‘er out on the town!