Snark SN-8 Chromatic Tuner / Metronome

Snark means a lot of things to a lot of people. To a parent, it means someone is getting their mouth washed out with soap. To guitar players, it means someone’s guitar is gonna be in tune – perhaps for the first time ever.

The SN-8 is a full-chromatic tuner, meaning it can get all the notes in tune, so alternate tunings and instruments with strings tuned to notes other than the ‘big five’ can be measured and adjusted with equality and impunity. It also features a tap-tempo metronome, which is a tool no musician should be without.

Finally, since it’s a clip-tuner, you can get your axe into fighting shape even while your drummer practices the fills to YYZ (why is he even doing that your band isn’t even playing YYZ).

PRICE: $15.00 – Let Us Hook You Up