Boss FV-300L Stereo Volume Pedal

This is a tool that is deceptively useful for how simple it is – a volume pedal. It does just what it says, but has a lot of other super functional uses as well.

the FV-300L is a 2-in 2-out pedal. Which means it’s usable as a keyboard expression pedal for organ swells, or it can take two instrument inputs (say two guitars) and two amp outputs, making this thing very handy for a huge variety of situations.

You can also control the sweep of the pedal itself, so maybe all-the-way-back doesn’t need to be off, maybe it just needs to be your rhythm volume. Plus, there is a dedicated tuner output so you can leave your tuner on without worrying about turning off your signal to your amp.

Construction-wise, it’s a Boss pedal. They make great, heavy-duty stuff. It’s got all 4 of it’s rubber feet, and it’s overall great shape.

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