Fender G-DEC Junior – SOLD


The Fender G-DEC series is in my opinion one of the better ‘everything-in-one’ options, and the G-DEC Junior puts all the stuff in to a pretty great little practice amp.

This bad little dude features 16 amp types, 15 effects presets, and 15 different play-along loops (including a vanilla metronome). Plus, there are Headphone / LINE OUT and AUX IN ports, so you can play along to your favorite tunes and nobody will ever have to know

IMG_20150611_191321419 IMG_20150611_191233615 IMG_20150611_191222165 IMG_20150611_191038830 IMG_20150611_190912749 IMG_20150611_190839800 IMG_20150611_190819651